DateJuly 30, 2014
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Are Sports Drinks Unnecessary?

A recently published article from CBC News states that sports drinks are unnecessary and counterproductive for most people. When you reach for a sports drink after your workout, you may be potentially cancelling out all the hard work you just did at the gym. Most people don’t sweat hard enough during their workout (unless operating […]

DateJuly 24, 2014
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Electrolyte Drinks: Health vs. Hype

Hydration before, during, and after exercise is paramount – most of us, even if we’re not athletes, realize this – but what is the best practice for accomplishing this? Is water enough, or should you work in a sports drink into your workout? It all depends on your exercise program, and how much you sweat […]

DateJuly 23, 2014
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Electrolyte Drinks: From Best to Worst

You are probably familiar with the pros of giving your children an electrolyte drink when they are sick and/or dehydrated – after all, you’ve read all of Leolyte’s informative, interesting, and pertinent blog articles! But are there any electrolyte drinks out there that are not beneficial for your kids? Do they all contain the same […]

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