DateFebruary 25, 2014
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Leolyte: Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves

Every parent dreads the day when their child gets really, truly sick – even if it is just a common cold. The fact is, illness and subsequent dehydration can affect children more harshly than adults – sometimes, with fatal consequences.

That’s where Leolyte comes in. Leolyte is the #1 pediatrician-recommended brand of oral electrolyte solution on the market, and we take your child’s health as seriously as you do. Our kid-approved, tasty drinks help prevent dehydration due to vomiting and diarrhea, and give your tykes the nutrients they need to feel better fast. Leolyte is formulated to boost hydration and get kids’ bodies functioning normally again – its whole purpose is to bring the mineral levels in your child’s blood back to a normal state after excessive sweating and/or loss of nutrients. When children have diarrhea and/or vomit, they lose vital nutrients and minerals – Leolyte works to counteract this occurrence.

Leolyte Products: Anytime, Anywhere

Leolyte isn’t just for when your child is sick either – it can be used whenever children lose nutrients due to excessive sweating; for example, after winning that championship soccer match or completing that grueling dance recital. Drinking Leolyte every one – four hours will help put the pep back in your kids’ steps, and get them back on the field or in the rehearsal room in no time.

There are so many things to love about Leolyte products: all of our drinks contain zinc, a vital micronutrient; they come in a plastic bottle, which is easy for little hands to grab; and they’re standard nipple-ready, for the smallest troubled tummies (ask your doctor before giving Leolyte to infants less than a year old).

Sipping water all day gets old – drinking Leolyte doesn’t. Leolyte comes in three different flavors, with a special bonus taste-free flavor (which is perfect for infants): grape, apple, and fruit. These fun tastes and cool-looking colors make kids actually enjoy taking their medicine, and it is much better than reaching for those sugary juice boxes or sports drinks your child may be begging you for.

What Makes Us Stand Out

Leolyte stands out from the competition in many ways – most notably, because of the zinc element prevalent in every one of our electrolyte drinks. Studies prove that zinc helps alleviate dehydration. In fact, children in developing countries are often given zinc supplements to prevent dehydration and pneumonia – what they are not given are sugary drinks and/or sports drinks, which can actually deplete water from kids’ bodies. Sports drinks do not compare – they may make claims that they replenish electrolytes, but in reality, the sugar they possess cancels out the effect of any of the contained nutrients, and this makes dehydration even worse.

Electrolytes: Good For Your Kid, Bad For Dehydration

But what are electrolytes? The answer is simple: salts, or ions. The term “electrolyte” means that these salts are electrically charged and gravitate to either a negative (cathode) or positive (anode) electrode. If the ions go towards a cathode, they are negative. If they go towards an anode, they are positive. These ions matter, because they are what our body’s cells utilize to carry electrical impulses to other cells and vital organs – like, for example, our kidneys. If kids do not have enough electrolytes, then our body’s organs and cells are not getting the messages that they need, and it can lead to not only dehydration, but also to seizures.

Get Your Kids Better, Faster – With Leolyte

Modern parents want to know exactly what their children are putting in their bodies, and Leolyte understands that – that’s why we tried to make our website and product information as informative as possible, so that our electrolyte drinks are the least of your worries. We want to put your mind at ease, and your child’s tummy at rest.

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