How to Comfort Sick Kids

When flu season strikes, we all wash our hands more often and disinfect household items to avoid catching the virus. However, it’s inevitable that one family member will come home sneezing. If your child gets the flu, follow a few simple tips to help him or her feel more comfortable while they get back to being healthy.

1. Encourage Rest

A sick day is the perfect excuse to stay in bed. Staying home will help to prevent your child from spreading the flu to the rest of the class. Resting is a great way to get strength up and allow the body to recuperate. To encourage rest, be sure that your child has a comfortable place to relax. Give them pillows and blankets, turn on some cartoons, and keep essentials like tissues and a glass of water close by.

2. Relieve Congestion

There’s nothing worse than a long day with a stuffy nose. It can prevent sleep and become irritating quickly. To give your older child some relief from the congestion, have them go into the bathroom. Turn on a hot shower and let the room fill with steam. If the child is feeling pressure on their face from the congestion, try a warm compress. Simply soak a washcloth in hot water and lay it over their nose to relieve some pressure.

3. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is the best way to prevent mucus from causing infection. Encourage your child to drink water at frequent intervals. To encourage drinking, choose a brightly colored cup or fun new straws. Avoid sugary drinks that could lead to dehydration, and look for drinks like Leolyte that contain electrolytes. These drinks prevent dehydration and restore fluids that are lost when a child has a fever. This is especially important if your child is vomiting or experiencing diarrhea. At these times, hydration is more important than ever.

4. Warm Up

A sick day should be a comfy day. Soft blankets will be a welcome addition to the bed that your child will be residing in for the day. Be sure to wash the blankets after the child uses them to prevent spreading germs to the rest of the family. Warm liquids will also help your child feel comfortable. Make a batch of homemade chicken soup. The warm liquid will help ease congestion and mucus flow. The noodles, vegetables, and chicken will also provide calories, which your child will probably be lacking in when spending the day with an aching stomach.

5. Offer Distractions

As a parent, there are steps you can take to help your child get back to being healthy. However, there’s no denying that, for a child, a day spent at home without the ability to get up and run around can be boring. Help your child stay entertained by providing plenty of distractions. Put together a basket of activities like coloring books and crayons, activity books, handheld games, and books. Consider picking up one fun, new toy or movie that will make the day a little less dull.

ATTENTION: Help prevent the flu and a troubled tummy by cleaning toys and door handles.