DateJuly 23, 2014
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Electrolyte Drinks: From Best to Worst

You are probably familiar with the pros of giving your children an electrolyte drink when they are sick and/or dehydrated – after all, you’ve read all of Leolyte’s informative, interesting, and pertinent blog articles! But are there any electrolyte drinks out there that are not beneficial for your kids? Do they all contain the same ingredients, or is every drink different? Leolyte did the research to answer these questions – and more.


Electrolytes: What They Are, How They Work

 Electrolytes have an important job within our bodies – they are charged, metallic ions that help regulate fluid pressure in our cells and control our blood’s pH levels. Our heart, nerve, and muscle functions rely on certain mineral amounts, and deficiencies can dramatically change how our bodies work. In fact, muscle cramps are usually caused by lack of electrolytes – especially potassium and magnesium.

In the history of water (yes – water has a history), we used to get these electrolytes just by drinking the liquid that our bodies are made of – water used to come down from mountains, and then the minerals would be collected on rocks, become activated by movement, and thus did not contain pollutants. But in this day and age, our water needs to go through a purification process, and get distilled/treated, which is helpful, but also diminishes mineral content.


Designer Drinks

Now, through extensive research and trial and error, we have discovered how to design drinks that contain much-need electrolytes and minerals. If you are concerned about your performance as an athlete, or your child’s hydration needs, then you should think about adding an electrolyte-packed drink, like Leolyte, to your diet or your child’s diet.

Some drinks are, of course, superior to others. Leolyte certainly has several positive aspects, especially for kids – it comes in four delicious, colorful flavors, is packed with needed nutrients, minerals, and electrolytes, is standard nipple-ready for your infant, and contains zinc. That last bit is important, since most electrolyte drinks do not contain zinc, and research has shown that zinc is one of the most key nutrients to curing dehydration.


Are All Drinks Created Equal?

We don’t like to name names, so instead, use the handy checklist below to see if your sports drink has any of these attributes – if it does, find yourself a new, healthy, replenishing drink, stat!:


  • Has artificial colors and flavors derived from aromatic hydrocarbons from petrochemicals – in layman’s terms, oil. Note that manufacturers are not allowed to divulge this information, because it is considered intellectual property.
  • Contains trans fats, or hydrogenated oils, which are banned in many restaurants across the U.S. due to negative health impacts.
  • Contains a high volume of sugar, artificial dyes, or other questionable chemicals. Too much sugar makes you cramp while competing.
  • If the product is owned by a soda company, it’s probably not a very healthy drink.
  • If the product says on the ingredients portion that it contains water, glucose, and fructose, then it essentially contains high fructose corn syrup – the company just broke down the ingredients, so that you wouldn’t be scared off.
  • Does the product contain “GMO soy protein”? If so, avoid it! Genetically engineered foods should never be an option.
  • Be wary of drinks that are advertised as being chock-full of protein, too. These drinks can also be derivatives of GMO corn, and they can usual both natural and artificial flavors.


In summation, do your research before you down that supposedly nutrient-packed drink. Electrolytes are good, but artificial flavors, GMOs, and high fructose corn syrup are bad. And when it comes to your kids, remember that you can use an electrolyte drink like Leolyte to prevent dehydration – not necessarily cure it.

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