DateSeptember 3, 2013
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There’s only so much that can be done to prevent the effects of cold and flu season. When children are exposed to germs at school, it’s only a matter of time before the flu virus strikes. What can you do when your child gets sick? Start by keeping them home, then get them comfortable, help them relax, and be sure to prevent dehydration.

Dehydration is a serious concern when it comes to being sick. It comes along with diarrhea, vomiting, and a very upset child. Fortunately, by noticing the early signs of dehydration and providing the proper care, the problem can often be resolved quickly and easily. Find out what you can do to ensure that your child will get better as quickly as possible.

Staying Hydrated

When a child is sick, getting rest and staying hydrated are the keys to feeling better. You may be tempted to reach for the convenient juice boxes to encourage your child to drink. However, many of the most common household beverages aren’t as effective as you might think.

Many common drinks, such as sodas and juices, contain such high levels of sugar that they actually worsen the symptoms of dehydration. Combined with the low levels of salt and water, the drinks just aren’t especially helpful in keeping your child hydrated. To replenish the fluids that are lost when suffering from a fever, choose drinks that provide oral electrolyte solutions, such as Leolyte.

Why Choose Leolyte?

Sometimes, a child just won’t want to spend the day sipping water. They want a drink that’s bright, fun, and delicious. To encourage hydration, choose Leolyte, a drink that will give your child the great taste they’re looking for. Your child will appreciate having a drink with their favorite fruit flavors. You’ll be able to rest easy, knowing that you’re providing a drink that will relieve dehydrations symptoms.

Oral electrolyte solutions are often recommended by pediatricians because they are simply more effective than other drinks for managing the loss of fluids when a child is suffering from diarrhea or vomiting. The drinks replace the lost electrolytes and help the body to absorb water more effectively. While some sports drinks claim to replenish electrolytes, the amount of sugar included often negates the positive effects of the electrolytes, making them less than useful for a sick child.

So what makes Leolyte different from other electrolyte solutions? Research has shown that zinc is helpful in alleviating the symptoms of dehydration. It can work to reduce the duration, severity, and frequency of diarrhea in children. As any parent knows, anything that can work to eliminate diarrhea for a sick child is invaluable. Leolyte includes zinc in its formula to help fight against diarrhea, making your child feel better while staying hydrated.

When your child is sick, choose the drink that you can both approve of. Bright and fun packaging, a great fruit taste, and plenty of health benefits make Leolyte the clear choice. Pediatrician-recommended and kid-approved, our products will quickly become your go-to during sick days.

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